• Photography

    Photography is not only a great hobby but part of my job.

    I have been taking photographs ever since a camera could be attached to a PC.

  • Miniature photography

    Miniature worlds

    Setting the stage for my miniature figures. Living in the world of the little people and view life from a different perspective with my tiny street projects and installations. Follow the weekly miniature adventures of "De Kleine Wereld" from Velsen

  • Street Photography

    Capturing a moment of street life

    An uninterrupted scene, that otherwise would be posed. Street photographers usually shoot in black & white with focus on the subject, while eliminating any distraction of colour.

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  • Miniature Photography
  • Street Photography
  • Kleine Wereld
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  • Stephen's Cooking

Miniature Photography

Get transported into another world, the world of miniature photography. Bringing the real world together with the world of fantasy.

My miniature figure photography, setup into real life scenes. Thinking up situations for my little people is half of the fun, keeping the camera steady is another story.

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Street Photography

Street photography is exciting, dramatic and intrusive. Street photography can tell a story, show pain anger or joy.

Street photographers capture everyday life, and in many aspects, document generations of clothing styles, architecture, history and transportation.

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Kleine Wereld

(NL) Wekelijks maakt ik een foto van de kleine wereld van Sjaak, Yvonne en hun vrienden.

We (her)ontdekken Velsen, en geven vanuit hun perspectief een humoristisch ‘klein’ kijkje op de ‘grote’ wereld van Velsen.

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Event Photography

When photographing a business conference, find out who are the key players at the event. Get a copy of the agenda and note the times that they are speaking.

It’s good to mingle but keep your distance. Remember smiling really does help you to get closer to the people you are photographing.

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Stephen's Cooking

Over the years I have had various jobs, from butcher to restaurant manager and IT to webmaster slash photograph. I have always enjoyed cooking. So here on my IT, photography and web design website I now also have Stephen's Cooking.

Some of my favourite home made recipes accompanied by step by step photos of ingredients and my best food photography shots.

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