food-photography#Photography is different from street photography or photographing a business conference, as it's much more leisurely. You can take time to get ready and plan your shot, where as in street photography you have to be always moving and looking for a possible subject. Another hobby of mine for the past 11 years is dancing. I have been taking photographs of salsa dance parties for 10 years now, and as usual my biggest challenge is the movement of the subject and the light. Through creative use of the camera, and with a bit of luck in catching the right moment, I have taken some really nice dance photographs.

Flowers and food are also a favorite subject. I just love looking at the colour combinations and the way light might just fall on a dew filled field of yellow flowers in the morning sun. Or the clash of greens and reds on a colorful bowl of salad. Below I have a collection of various photographs in which colour is prominent.

Stephen Cassidy

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